Here's the reason that girls like cucumbers.

He could not leave the thing alone.


She hit him with a hammer.


It was ordered that the classroom be put in order.

I don't know when I will be back.

Richard broke the long silence.

I wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it.

Recently juvenile delinquency has been on the rise.

The Chinese government disbursed the second trench of the money.

Last year, I saw at least fifty movies.

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I'm young, too.


Siegurd is looking for a job as a baker.

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Every nation gets the government it deserves.

Are you sure you've never met him?

This book is easy for me to read.

Soon, their hunger turned to anger.

It was careless of him to go to bed with the TV on.

Be careful not to miss the train.

We always begin with the hardest problems.


He made notes of the teacher's lecture.

Goro had the kindness to take me to the hospital.

I am afraid that I shall not be free till the examination is over.

Lovely sunset, isn't it?

Jill had several bags of gold dust in the trunk of his car.

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I've already told Jim all I know.

He tried to break his son's habit of smoking.

When I was a child, I was always drinking milk.

I've never actually read War and Peace.

I can't afford to do that.

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

I'm not going to show you this.


The politicians try to pass the buck.

I appreciate what you did earlier.

No one is asking you to eat that.

Hey, is everything all right?

I called and pretended I was Ilya.

The calzone is a pizza-like turnover, filled with tomatoes and cheese, whose name comes from an Italian word for "pants."

I'm equal to my brother in swimming.


I want to get better.

If I give the poor something to eat, then they call me a saint. If I ask why the poor have nothing to eat, then they call me a communist.

Let's practice.

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Tuna was wearing a red shirt.

Resolving a differential equation means finding the functions that satisfies it.

He is always being a nuisance.


It looks like a pigsty in here.


Do you feel like porridge this morning?

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It wasn't until I got home that I missed my umbrella.


People are starting to talk.

It was here.

What made him angry?

I've planned our route.

You should have told it to me sooner.

I woke up with a sore throat.

He lives in Tokyo.


Why not just say no to him?

You had better stop buying things at random.

There's no reason to complain.

Why should I stop her?

Have you ever played baseball?

Happy the one who further desires nomore!

I can swim in the cold water.


If you can't impress them with skill, impress them with idiocy.

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Penny Oleksiak is the first athlete born in the 2000s to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


Mario's got a lot on his mind at the moment.

The dentist said I had pulpitis.

For that reason, he lost his job.

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Wouldn't that be redundant?


I'm talking to him right now.

They abandoned the fort to the enemy.

It wouldn't be fair to her.

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Don't worry about your accent and how you come across to people.

"Do you have a friend named Christie?" "He's not my friend."

Compared with his brother, he is not so intelligent.

"Ah, y-yes ... Sorry, Coz." "Hey! You might be my relative but here I'm your senior and a doctor. Keep things straight while you're in the hospital!"

Human-caused climate change has caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand.

It was a good feeling.

His father had died of cancer 10 years ago.

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I didn't actually forget my camera. I just didn't want to take pictures.

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Get Ro.

Thank you for your hard work.

How could I make him fall for it?

Eli sings and plays guitar at a local bar every Friday night.

It's too ugly.


Rather - who the heck are you?! Iori enquired of the girl, ignoring my form rolling around on the floor.

You're the only one who's seen Bernie.

The haze enveloped London.

I made a deal.

They robbed stores and threatened public safety.


Those who learn English cannot do without English dictionaries.

What do you eat in your country?

Oscar finished the dishes.

The frogs' croaking helped me fall asleep.

Just try and stay calm.


There's one thing I must tell you.

There is no message.

My sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, was very proud of the fact that she had brought me up 'by hand'.


The nappy smells very dirty.

Does Vice have to be here?

Craig got bored quickly.

I was really fortunate.

She was at once frank and honest.

The toast has burned black.

Mr. Jackson is my favorite teacher.

Smith argues that no international laws can be applied to this case.

It's certainly challenging.

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It was irresponsible of him to break a promise.


Sedovic opened the window even though his mother told him not to.

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We can drive in Japan when we are eighteen years old.

What did Boyce tell you yesterday?

That dog runs so fast!


You'll end up in jail.


Then, with a final, terrible scream, the monster flung itself off the mountain to its death on the rocks below.

Please don't make me do it.

If you have a cold, lack of sleep is very bad for you.

It's not something anyone would be ashamed of.

He did not believe the election was lost.

Tell them to stop staring at us.

I'm not delusional.

Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

If you don't understand what's going on, just say so.

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Bjorne sang three songs and then left the stage.

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Griff needs you to be strong right now.


Father told me always to be brave and cheerful.


It rained all day.

Kirby's quintessentially Japanese cuteness is almost incomprehensible to his American audience, who satirize him as a dark and gloomy character constantly, almost as a reflex.

Mongo showed Bryan how to pop popcorn.


I love hearing lies when I know the truth.

She's warning me about his infidelity.

Don't blame this on them.

It has to be subtitled.

He just saw Vice.


Nevertheless, she took off her coat and seemed ready for a short conversation.

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I'd do anything for him.

Some people did nothing.

What do you suggest I do?


My mother is preparing breakfast.

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You're foolish.


Are my children OK?

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Let's play baseball!


I'll see you tomorrow at school.

I see someone.

I didn't tell them to say that.

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What happens if Manjeri loses?

That may be dangerous.

I'm the one whose father was killed.


The smoke from factories hung over the town.


I'm going to go there with Tomas.

If you have time, why don't you drop by his gallery?

I love the way you kiss me.

I got the autograph of a celebrity.

We must never confuse the two.

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He earned as much money as possible.